churchThe strategies used by CEERA revolve around client objectives–which are generally clubbed as one of the following: Capital Appreciation (for clients looking for long-term appreciation of their capital), Equity Income (for clients looking for a mix of current income and appreciation), Fixed Income (for clients looking primarily for current income), or a combination thereof.

Most of our clients fall under the Capital Appreciation bucket.

Clients may choose to invest in a particular strategy or a combination thereof using any particular combination of investment vehicles-Individual Securities, Funds, or Cash. While several clients employ Style A (Individual Securities and Cash only), typically most of our clients use Style B (which is an appropriate mix of Individual Securities, Funds, and Cash). Style A is usually preferred by clients who have significant fund investments elsewhere or those who do not prefer investing via funds.

No matter the strategy or style used, the underlying investment philosophy in picking investment vehicles remains a value-oriented one described in the Investment Philosophy section.