churchCustomized Portfolio Management

Our primary service is to manage investment portfolios, on a discretionary basis, for our clients via their separate accounts maintained at third-party custodians such as TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, and Schwab. The investment vehicles used comprise an appropriate mix of individual securities and / or mutual funds (primarily no-load), depending on the client’s choice.


After digesting the information supplied by a client on their financial position, investment objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance, we make appropriate investments in a client’s account (s) to best meet their long-term goals. We understand that every client or family has its own needs and objectives and we customize our management to these objectives. If a client so desires, we also manage multiple portfolios in a virtually combined manner, as a single asset pie, to help grow a client’s assets in an efficient manner.

Investment Advisory Agreement and Discretionary Portfolio Management

Our clients appoint us as their investment advisor to manage an investment portfolio for them effective when an Investment Advisory Agreement is signed. We manage client portfolios (accounts) on a discretionary basis, i.e. based on the client giving us the authority, we make all decisions to buy, sell or hold securities, cash or other investments for a client’s account at our discretion in line with the objectives discussed with the client. The client gives us full power and authority to carry out these decisions on their behalf by giving instructions to brokers and dealers, and the Custodian for their account (s). Our discretionary authority is limited to investment decisions and we are prohibited from withdrawing funds and/or securities from client accounts, without a client’s permission.

Types of Clients and Accounts

We cater mostly to individuals and families, and some small businesses and charities. We remain open to any type of client or entity who would like to avail of our investment management services. We are agnostic to a client’s location as long as the law permits it and the assets being managed are in custody in the US. It also doesn’t matter if an account is a 401k plan, an Individual Account, a Joint Account, an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) or a Rollover IRA, a Trust, or a Corporate Account, and so on—we manage investment assets in any type of account.

Other Services

As part of our extended service to clients, and on an as needed basis, we also help clients review their existing investments managed elsewhere, discuss their broader financial and estate plans in place, and provide advice on financial matters within our circle of competence.