churchFounded in 2005, Ceera Investments, LLC manages investment portfolios for various types of clients, primarily individuals and families. We do so on a fee-only, discretionary basis via managed separate accounts, i.e. individual portfolios, maintained at third-party custodians (such as TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, and Schwab). With permission to invest/ trade on a client’s behalf, we become their outsourced money managers. We are a Registered Investment Advisor (under the US Investment Advisors Act of 1940) in each state in which it does business, unless exempted by law.

We understand that every client has his or her own needs and objectives. And we tailor our management accordingly using an underlying investment philosophy based upon the thoughts and teachings of investing visionaries such as Warren Buffett, Philip Fisher, Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, and Charlie Munger. Based on a client’s objectives, we invest in a limited number of carefully chosen investments that are expected to provide appropriate protection of principal and opportunities for an attractive rate of return.

We do not peddle products onto our clients nor do we get compensated based on commissions-trade generated or otherwise. While we are typically compensated via an annual management fee (as a percent of assets under management), we also offer to clients who qualify under securities laws, a performance-based fee schedule where we get compensated if and only if we generate a rate of return in excess of a negotiated hurdle rate.

Above all, we take our fiduciary responsibility towards our clients very seriously. Honesty, integrity, prompt service, and a strong commitment to our clients’ goals are elements you can expect to see from us.

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Happy investing.