churchWarren Buffett, Philip Fisher, Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, and Charlie Munger. We look up to these investors and their time-tested investment philosophies and within the context of each client’s objective, we use core principles embedded in these investment philosophies to construct investment portfolios and choose investments for clients.

Our concern, first and foremost, is long-term protection of principal and then providing an appropriate rate of return. In other words, we are very concerned about the permanent downside risk inherent in our investments, and subsequently endeavor to stay out of situations that tend to magnify this risk—such as chasing the hottest stock in the hottest sectors, buying speculative names, buying at overvalued levels, and so on. Our investment philosophy, we believe, provides us with the best chance of optimizing the long-term principal protection and rate of return equation. A few of the core principles and beliefs within this investment philosophy are as follows:

While identifying individual securities, we use a disciplined investment process to identify securities that, in our opinion, are trading at market prices that are at an appropriate discount to our calculated intrinsic worth of these securities — we are looking for attractive businesses and securities we believe are “on sale”. In buying equities we act like prospective owners of the businesses we are buying into and will be mindful of factors that a true long-term owner would be concerned about.

While identifying suitable no-load mutual fund investments (or other types of funds), we strive to identify and use funds/ managers that share our investment philosophy and will give due consideration to past performance, transaction fees, expense ratios, and management style among other factors.