churchWe offer two types of fee schedules as follows:

Management Fee Schedule:

Under this arrangement, the client compensates Ceera via an annual management fee (paid quarterly) that is typically 1% of the assets under management. This annual fee is negotiable and can vary up to 1.75% of the assets under management depending on the size and complexity of a client’s account, and other business considerations.

Performance-based Fee Schedule:

We also offer to clients who qualify under securities laws, a performance-based fee schedule (Hurdle Rate Method) where we get compensated if and only if we generate a rate of return, on an annual basis, in excess of a negotiated hurdle rate (typically 6%). There is a performance fee (paid after a calendar year) if and only if the portfolio’s performance crosses this hurdle, and when it does so Ceera receives 25% of the returns in excess of the hurdle rate (For example, if Ceera generates a 10% rate of return in a year, it gets paid 25% of 4% which is 1%, at the end of the year). Under this fee schedule there are no other annual management fees of any kind—in other words, Ceera needs to generate a rate of return more than the hurdle rate during a year or it does not get paid any fees.

For all the fee schedules, including a modified version of the performance fee schedule (called Watermark Method), and a detailed discussion with illustrative examples please click here.

We do not receive any compensation in the form of trade or sales commissions from any other sources.