churchHow does one become a Client?

Becoming a Client involves the following typical steps:

Does Ceera Investments, LLC maintain custody of Client assets / portfolios?

We do not maintain custody of any of our clients’ assets. A client’s assets will be held by an independent Custodian (Broker) selected by the client and recommended* by us, if so desired. The account (s) will, at all times, be held solely in the client’s name and will require their authorization for any withdrawal (s). The client pays all the fees and costs of the Custodian–expenses related to the account such as brokerage and other execution costs, custody fees and margin costs, if any. The client instructs the Custodian to send quarterly/ monthly statements showing the assets in and all transactions for the account during the period corresponding to the statement, and to provide us with copies of those statements and confirmations of any transactions effected in a client’s account.

*We recommend using the institutional brokerage division of TD Ameritrade, Inc., TD Ameritrade Institutional (TDA), as the Custodian for our clients’ assets. A majority of our clients use TDA as the Custodian of their accounts/ assets/ portfolios.

Who is the primary Custodian (Broker)? Is the Custodian financially strong?

TD Ameritrade Institutional (TDA) is the Custodian used by a majority of our clients. TDA has been a leader in bringing Wall Street to millions of investors. While our clients are free to choose their Custodian/ Brokerage firms, we recommend TD Ameritrade Institutional, the institutional client division of TD Ameritrade, Inc. (TDA).

Some of the benefits that TDA offers include:

Please note that Ceera does not receive any compensation from TDA.

How can clients monitor their assets/ portfolios? What kinds of reports are available to clients?

Clients can monitor their portfolios via the following methods:

Custodian Client Reports

Clients have access to their separate accounts/portfolios through the online access that a Custodian typically provides. Our clients will also get regular statements from their broker/dealers, custodians, and mutual funds as appropriate. This online access and the reports will enable Clients to see what’s going on in their portfolios/ accounts.

eWebPortfolio, LLC

In addition, our clients who use TDA as their Custodian will be provided with online access to eWebPortfolio.com, a third-party provider of an online portfolio management and reporting system. This online system allows our clients to securely access several informative and performance reports on their portfolios 24×7. eWebPortfolio, LLC is a software and service provider that offers a secure web-based portfolio management system. eWebPortfolio’s client link solution allows us to give our clients secure access to their individual portfolio(s) and selected reports ensuring that our clients have quick and easy access to up to date information on their portfolios.

Periodic Reviews

We also engage with our clients via periodic reviews that discuss the performance of their assets, either via conference calls, e-mails or during face-to-face meetings. Clients are also welcome to request reviews whenever they choose to do so.

Is there a minimum portfolio size?

Ceera’s account size for managed accounts is an expected initial minimum of USD 200,000 in funds and /or securities, including assets across multiple portfolios for a given Client. This minimum may be lowered or increased on a case-by-case basis at Ceera’s discretion.

What are all the expenses associated with having a portfolio managed at Ceera Investments, LLC?

Typically, there are two sets of expenses, as follows.

  1. Custodian Trade Commissions and Fees (if applicable)
    Any trades (stocks, mutual funds, ETFs) that are placed by Ceera on behalf of a Client in their accounts are typically charged a trade commission by the Custodian. Please see commission schedules of applicable Custodians for further details. Custodians may also charge other fees related to maintaining custody of assets. TD Ameritrade, the primary Custodian for most of Ceera’s clients, typically only charges trade commissions.
    Ceera does not receive any part of these expenses/ fees as compensation from Custodians.
  2. Ceera Investment Advisory Fees
    This is the advisory fee that is charged to the Client per the fee schedule agreed upon between the Client and Ceera.

Are there any restrictions to withdraw or add funds? Or to terminate services?


Is a portfolio’s performance benchmarked?

The performance of each portfolio that we manage is benchmarked, on a long-term basis of at least 3 to 5 years, against appropriate market indices that reflect the objectives of that portfolio and the client. For example, a portfolio with an objective of 100% towards Capital Appreciation would be benchmarked against the S&P500 index (that is considered a proxy for the equity market as a whole).

Do clients have to be located in the United States of America?

No, as long as the law permits the assets being managed to be in custody in the US. Our current client-located countries include the US, India, China, and Australia.

What are some examples or scenarios where our services can be of use to clients?

Scenario: A family or an individual is looking for a trustworthy partner to outsource their investment management needs—to help plan for their financial future.

Scenario: A client has recently moved overseas or to a new job and needs help “rolling over” and managing their existing 401k or retirement plan in the US.

Scenario: A client is looking to diversify the investment advisors managing their asset base.

Scenario: An international (non-US) client is looking to diversify globally and park / invest assets in US dollars for future needs (such as education in the US for their children or grandchildren)

Scenario: A small business or charity is looking to manage funds at their disposal for their future needs—such as their excess cash flows from operations or their endowments, and so on.

Scenario: An entrepreneur looking to set up a retirement plan wants to set up and have a Solo 401k plan managed.

Scenario: A client wants a second opinion on the performance of other investment advisors they have been using or want their entire asset base and set of investment managers monitored appropriately.

Could you share any press coverage of Ceera Investments, LLC?

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